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what you need to know about online addiction counseling:

Therapy online is an alternative for many people who can’t make it to a professional’s office. Research shows that cognitive behavioral therapy, a type of talk therapy, is as good on the telephone or over Skype as it is face-to-face for some mental health conditions.

Also available for 24/7 messaging at an additional cost. This service specifically focuses on those who struggle with addiction, who are currently in recovery or friends and family members confronted with addiction and needs support.

These sessions would help rebuild your life by uncovering and understanding the root of your addiction. By conducting a screening assessment and designing a individualized treatment plan.

It will also assist in guiding you into developing new ways of coping with life and communicating to those around you.
Landi has an empathetic but direct approach in her counselling style consisting of no “fairy dust and glitter”.

Types of therapy to expect:

(Depending on your individualized addiction treatment plan)

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online addictions therapy

Frequently asked questions

Treatment packages consist of: 

Option 1: 10 individual sessions.

Option 2: 15 individual sessions. 

Yes. Custom quotations will be send to my clients abroad. 

Each session is 60 minutes long. 

-Family and friends who need guidance and support or grieving the loss of those suffering from addiction.

-Those in recovery who need ongoing support.

-Any person suffering from addiction.

-Any professional seeking guidance/supervision on how to treat a client suffering from addiction. ( Eg: teachers, OT’s, psychologists, GP’s)

Why online addiction therapy?

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