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Addiction: Rooted in Trauma driven by fear.

By Landi Mostert ( Addictions Counsellor )

Addiction: Rooted in Trauma driven by fear.

I cannot begin to describe how strongly I feel about writing this blog. My training, my career and my whole being brought me to this point and this blog. I want to assist people suffering with various addictions in this life-time. Let’s explore this path together.

First of all, very few people truly understand the nature of addiction. Addiction is almost always rooted in trauma and driven by fear.
I will use the following as an example:
(or what I like to call “In the moment experiment”, are you ready?)
You are currently looking at this website and contemplating whether or not you should reach out for help.

There might be a little voice telling you, just maybe you have a problem and that you want freedom from being trapped. Yet, you resist reaching out. Why is this?

In 2014, 47 055 people died in America from a drug overdose. What did they, in reality , have to lose by asking for help? This is excluding all people suffering with a myriad of addictions, be it alcohol, eating disorders, sex, gambling, co-dependency, social media etc.

Due to old beliefs we created various coping mechanisms, that stems from traumatic experiences, like never feeling good enough as per your parents, feeling like you have to live up to your siblings being “better than you”, not feeling like you belong, never truly feeling wanted or accepted by most in your life, unrealistic expectations at work etc. These experiences could result in feelings of inferiority, likewise core-beliefs are triggered by our daily experiences.

There is a subconscious voice and constant internal chatter telling you to fear, even in this very moment.
To yet again, fear failure – what if I fail at recovery?
To fear rejection – what if this counsellor judges me for my past or dislikes me?
To have a fear of not being good enough – what if I don’t succeed ?

Let’s say there was no such emotion as fear. In reality, what do you have to lose by reaching out? Nothing, correct? Correct.
You see, fear is not all bad, it protects us, serves as a guide to tell us when danger is coming. I mean obviously without our fear response we would not be able to run from a burglar or trust your gut feeling when it tells you something is just not right to get you out of danger.

Fear often rises up like a tidal wave, all the way from your gut into your mind, creating certain thought processes that lead to emotions such as anxiety and anger. But thoughts are exactly just that. Thoughts. Made up by you. Most of the time self-made stories. These thoughts almost always have nothing to do with our true reality.

Fear could be deceptive, often resulting in procrastination and under performance; it hinders you from growth. (Your addiction loves this by the way).
As long as there is isolation and stagnation within a milieu of fear there is no freedom. No freedom from addiction. No freedom from past traumas, nor freedom from current anxieties. It is key to face your fears if you want to be free from addiction.

Remember, facing your fears will empower you with the capacity to give all that you are capable of being and giving.
I salute every person challenging this often false fear rooted in traumatic experiences from your past. Push through the current fear. What do you have to lose? Every person deserves freedom.
You need to never suffer alone again. If you need any help or assistance with your worthy struggle against fear and addiction, feel free to reach out at any time.

With BIG love,
Landi Mostert
-LM addictions Counselling.

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